New Paintings by Vancouver Artist Gabryel Harrison

21 October, 2021 1 min read

New Paintings by Vancouver Artist Gabryel Harrison

Gabryel Harrison's new paintings offer an harmonious and meditative break from the chaos and uncertainty of the modern world. 

In both her studio practice and her poetry, Gabryel invites the viewer to slow down, to perceive art as an object of contemplation or evidence of wonder. It is her belief that this simple engagement can be a radical act.


I am enjoying the turn toward the season of sweaters, the pleasure of pulling on an extra layer in the morning when the air is chill and clouds cover the mountains. The days are beginning to emerge from a shroud of fog, mysterious beginnings that move toward brightness and lighten as the day progresses. 

I am reminded of how my own paintings emerge slowly from unknown origins. I have to search for them, obscured as they are by my own lack of clarity, my initial inclination toward blindness. I discover each work through close observation, curiosity, felt-sense experiment and play. Intuition guides me to remove all that is unnecessary. I could say this is not separate from how one encounters the best possible version of one’s life!

The longer I have borne witness to the seasons, and the longer I have observed my working processes the more I trust and understand the necessity of this committed and playful fumbling toward the light.

Painting is, in its own mysterious way, the path I make each day to find my balance in this unbalanced world of brutalities and beauty.

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