Red Robes and the Moon

Red Robes and the Moon is an acrylic on canvas painting by Irene Klar.

"The moon has always seemed a benevolent feminine icon despite there being a "man in the moon". The full moon to me is female. The fullness of the moon makes it more a feminine form. Often I use the circle as a compositional element. Recently I saw the exhibition "Red Dress" at the Tucson Desert Art Museum. The notion of using red to symbolize the "disappeared" native women throughout the Americas seemed very powerful. I decided to envelop the robed figures in my painting in red. It is a way of symbolizing their strength and our solidarity with them. The gentle moon looks down and they commune with its spirit. A dark painting but not without hope." - Irene Klar

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Framed: Unframed
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 12x30
location pinEdmonton
Enquire Toll Free: +1 855 488 4892

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