Millionaires Cove

Millionaires Cove is an acrylic on canvas painting by Fraser Brinsmead.

This beautiful little cove is just off Eastside Road, only 5 minutes from our summer home on Lake Okanagan. My wife and I pass it every day, all summer long, and I have become mesmerized by the dramatic effects of light on this ideal setting. Morning sun, cloud, fog, afternoon, late evening, calm, breezy, I am now committed to exploring the many facets of this tranquil harbour. This particular view is a mid-late afternoon with the sun still high in the western sky on a relatively calm day. We gave it the name Millionaire's Cove; it just seemed to fit.

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Framed: Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 12x30
location pinEdmonton
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