À L'ombre des Oliviers, Domaine Souviou, Provence | 24" x 30"

About the Artwork

À l'ombre des oliviers, Domaine Souviou, Provence is a captivating 24" x 30" oil painting by Raynald Leclerc, skillfully created on canvas. This artwork beautifully captures the timeless allure of olive groves in the picturesque Domaine Souviou vineyard in Provence, where dappled sunlight creates enchanting patterns of light and shadow beneath the ancient olive trees.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 24" x 30"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Display: The artist used a 3/4" canvas, and this artwork is intended to be displayed framed. Framing options are available upon request, and details are reflected in the listed price.

How to Purchase

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