Our Retention of Title Policy

Retention of Title

  1. Ownership of Artwork: All artwork remains the property of West End Gallery LTD ("we", "us", or "our") until full payment has been received and cleared. This applies to all items, whether they are in the possession of the customer or not.

  2. Possession and Care: Upon receiving the artwork, the customer is responsible for its care and condition. Any damage or loss to the artwork while in the customer's possession, prior to full payment, will be the customer's responsibility.

  3. Recovery of Artwork: In the event of non-payment or if a payment is reversed, defaulted, or otherwise not completed, we reserve the right to recover any artwork for which we retain ownership. This may involve requesting the return of the artwork or, where necessary, entering the premises where the artwork is located to repossess it.

  4. Resale by Customer: Until ownership of the artwork has transferred to the customer (i.e., until full payment is received), the customer may not sell, lease, or otherwise part with possession of the artwork.

  5. Layaway and Payment Plans: For artwork purchased using layaway or payment plans, the artwork remains our property until the final payment is made and cleared. Only then will ownership transfer to the customer.

  6. Acknowledgment: By purchasing from West End Gallery, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this Retention of Title clause.