Jeannette Sirois - The Unfurled Petal

Salt Spring Island artist Jeannette Sirois presents her second solo exhibition with West End Gallery. Jeannette’s painstakingly detailed botanical drawings are a sight to behold. Spending thousands of hours in the studio, her coloured pencil pieces on paper are a testament to her dedication, patience and passion. Using nature as her guide, Jeannette expertly renders the intricate blooms plucked from her garden, including: tulips, irises and poppies.

Jeannette earned her Diploma in Design and a BFA with distinctions from Concordia University in Montreal and her Art Teacher Certification and M.Ed. from the University of British Columbia.

Having created work for public installations, gallery exhibitions and private collections, she continues to push her work into areas that give the viewer opportunities for dialogue around issues related to social change, the speed of our lives and the peace instilled from the natural environment.