Porter | 66" x 60"

Porter is a captivating oil and mixed media painting by Blu Smith. The painting features a young boy in red swim trunks with white flowers walking on a beach that seems to be a surreal amalgam of different environments. The background is a soft blend of peaches, light blue, and stark white areas with dripping paint, while loose circles and strong vertical strokes add a dream-like quality to the scene.

As you look at Porter, the boy's expression suggests that he's deep in thought, perhaps reflecting the meaning of his surroundings.

Measuring 66"x48", this artwork can be displayed unframed on a sturdy 1 and 3/4" deep profile canvas with a black painted finished edge. For inquiries about purchasing Porter, click the "Enquire" button and let us assist you in your art acquisition journey.

Enquire About Porter | 66" x 60" by Blu Smith

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