Multiples | 72" x66"

Multiples is a 72"x66" an oil and mixed media painting by Blu Smith. Layers of oil over acrylic create a unique, textured effect on the canvas. The tonal background, with sky blue and purple liquid wash shades, transforms from light to dark brown and black at the bottom edge. In the foreground, a figure of a running boy is surrounded by raised sections of mixed media in navy, teal blue, and purple. Look closer, and you'll see an echo of himself passing through the environment. Deep red strokes add structure to the composition.

Mounted on a 1 and 3/8" deep profile canvas, this artwork is intended to be hung unframed, adding a modern touch to any space. Press the "Enquire" button to start your art acquisition journey.

Enquire About Multiples | 72" x66" by Blu Smith

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