Nicola Mainville

Nicola Mainville has studied woodworking and glass techniques at various institutions including CEGEP of Old Montreal, Quebec School of Woodworking, Montreal, and Espace Verre, Montreal. She specializes in creating musical instruments from glass and carved wood; she has even given multiple lectures and performances featuring her self-made instruments. Her pieces are featured in both national and international collections.

"Musical instruments are for me a great source of inspiration. Composing with different cultures, composing with different materials, I create weaved instruments, between wood and silica, between tradition and innovation. I see my work as a return to the source, a movement, fragile and tribal at the same time. Loving wood, glass and music, I am looking to fuse my different fields of knowledge, my different loves, to be able to make surge unexpected objects. Through my sound research, I have come to develop a clear, pure and crystal like sound. My sculptural instruments will charm the ears of anyone who dare to try the tone."