Jean-Gabriel Lambert

Jean-Gabriel Lambert was born in Montreal, Canada. The artistic journey that he embarked upon twenty-five years ago has led him around the world in a quest for inspiration. For the past few years, his favourite destination has been Mexico, Puerto Vallarta in particular, where he is inspired by the light and colours of its spectacular natural environment. Jean-Gabriel first came into the public eye through acting and dance. Later, he added writing and singing to his artistic accomplishments and soon after, in a natural progression, he began drawing and painting. The future of humanity and our relationship with others provide his creative motivation. Love, friendship and communication are both bearers of meaning and the impetus to act. Again and again, his canvases interweave intimate stories and universal issues. In “Global Warming”, inner turbulence finds its echo in the cosmos. In another painting, we imagine ourselves floating above an immense landscape, and at the same time, we see a wound on a body. The paint is laid on densely, darkly, with blues the colour of night bordering with beaches, like waves of serenity. The human form is never very far away. Often, figures insinuate themselves into the paintings, taking shape through the abstract gestural flux. Figurative images rise to the surface: here we see a mouth and there, a body…leaving the work open and in movement. A canvas never has a single meaning when seen through the eyes of others, it lives and it grows. Jean-Gabriel Lambert’s artistic expression continues to emerge and assert itself as he moves forward in life. The dialogue with the public provoked by his paintings nurtures him and gives him the desire to open it ever further through his art.

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