Dulce Alba Lindeza

“My inspirational drive to create haute couture jewellery comes from the culture and colonial architecture of countries where I lived and visited – Spain, Mexico, Greece and France. The wrought-iron gateway and window grates, sculpted and curvy, mosaic adornments and colourful hillside dwellings, narrow colonial passageways, the glorious sun sparkled beaches, breezy swirling oceans of multi-coloured blue and green waters, magnificent basilicas surrounded with lush song bird-filled jardins. The architecture of ancient times, the ruins of greek gods, Mexican Mayans, and the multitude of colours and textures creativity fabricated into works of ancestral art. I melt fine silver to make .950 silver of higher grade, then roll out the ingot to each particular shape and size for the designs, which unfold as if being overtaken by the gods themselves. My addiction to creating unique silver designs settled in my soul after living and learning in this little colonial pueblo. At the same time, I apprenticed with Pepe Cerobianco, designer/jeweller, and Juan Nieto, a fashion designer, in San Miguel. Over the next five years, I worked alongside numerous “Joyeros” in Guanajuato, Cozumel, Zihuatanejo and Puerto Vallarta. When travelling to Barcelona, Spain, in 2008, I studied mosaic art techniques with Martin Brown, a mosaic artist.” - Dulce Alba Lindeza,
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