David Thai

After settling in Canada, David Thai enrolled at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario where he completed his business degree, after which he went on to pursue Glassblowing at Sheridan College where he graduated from the Crafts and Design Glass Program in 2002. Upon graduating David was accepted as a full-time Resident of the Harbourfront Center in Toronto. While there he was both a resident artist and an Instructor of Glassblowing. It was during this period of time where he began to exhibit his work at shows and in galleries across Canada and the United States. After spending three years at the Harbourfront Center, David moved to the Living Arts Center in Mississauga, Ontario with an eye to eventually explore opportunities on his own.

"Glass is the medium which best expresses my innermost feelings. Like a liquid, it can be formed almost without limits. When I approach glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved by it. My eyes attentively follow the metamorphosis of this molten medium as it takes the shape of my concept.... My work is an attempt at balancing technique and concept. I am inspired by the technical cane work of Italian master glass blowers and am currently experimenting with a variety of techniques, at the same time I am incorporating exotic materials such as silver and gold leaf."