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Blythe Scott

Blythe Scott was born in 1969, in Glasgow, Scotland. Immediately after high school she was fortunate to be accepted as a student at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art where she graduated with an honours degree in 1991. In 1997, Blythe achieved a post graduate with distinction in Art & Design Education from Strathclyde University. In 2012, she moved to Victoria, BC where she works from her home studio as a full time mixed media artist.

As a young art student Blythe’s daily journey through the architecturally rich and decorative streets of Glasgow's city center etched her mind with elaborate Victorian stained glass and tiling, curly wrought iron details, and the weathered textures and varied palette found in stone and slate. Since then, she has travelled to and lived in various cities around the world and has worked as a decorative artist in Paris, a gallery assistant, and a passionate art & design teacher. Today, Blythe is fortunate to be able to devote her time entirely to producing art. She uses acrylics, watercolour, mixed media, metal leaf and collage. Her work is underpinned by rigorous and expressive drawing on a variety of scales and she focuses on the whimsical and expressive interpretation of landscape, cityscape and still life.

Since emigrating to Canada, Blythe was immediately struck by how different the quality of light was on Vancouver Island in contrast to her home city of Glasgow. This provided her with a new opportunity to explore a brighter palette. Blythe has painted many scenes of Victoria since her arrival but she still revisits European subject matter. Her newer work is often still inspired by the charming harbours and dramatic city and landscapes of Scotland, but the scenes now come drenched with the light of her new home. Blythe exhibits in galleries on the mainland of Canada and her work can be found in private and corporate collections in North America, Asia, the UK, mainland Europe, Iceland and Australia.

“My work is about place. I am curious about places I have never been and nostalgic about those I know well. The dynamism, the movement and the sensations of a place are what I wish to convey and so my pieces are emotional responses to subject matter rather than literal interpretations. A personal connection to a place is what informs the energy of my line, the elimination or emphasis of detail and the subjective colour that I use.”-Blythe Scott