Welcoming Internationally Recognized Sculptor Cathyrn Jenkins

June 09, 2020


The West End Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia, is proud to announce the representation of internationally recognized sculptor, Cathryn Jenkins!  Cathryn delivered a diverse collection of cast bronze and serpentine stone sculptures to our gallery in Victoria. Cathryn Jenkins is the only Canadian Master Signature member (by invitation only) of the AWA (American Women Artists)

Her stylized representational form, influenced by her mother as well as Inuit and American sculptors, combine the pleasure of touch and the appeal of a strong line. The skillful union of these key elements, consistently present in all of Cathryn’s work, allows the creation of unmatched, timeless works of art.

The stone selected for Cathyrn’s works is hand quarried in British Columbia. Marble, alabaster, serpentine and soapstone have individual qualities unveiled by hammer and chisel, diamond blades, rasps, files and the artist’s eye to reveal flowing agility, powerful line and living area for which it is created. Her sculpture becomes an integral part of its space; a familiar presence of sought after wildlife sculptures continue to hold places of pride among many private and corporate collections.  


The West End Gallery in Victoria is open for private viewings by appointment.  If you would like to see Cathryn's sculptures in person, don't hesitate to contact us!  Appointments are available between 11 am and 4 pm daily.  Follow this link to view Cathryn's complete collection available at the West End Gallery.

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